We can help you to:

• Balance your work and personal life.
• Determine appropriate employment in relation to your training and work experience.
• Choose a career that fits with your unique interests, values, skills and personality.
• Change career or job.
• Make worklife moves in middle years.
• Set long-range occupational plans and goals.
• Improve your job search skills.
• Choose a career or course for the first time.
• Overcome employment barriers.
• Prepare a resumé.
• Write an application for job, promotion, or transfer.
• Practice for an interview.
• Make a career decision.
• Select a tertiary education course.
• Apply for mature-age entry for study.
• Prepare for career review or performance review with your manager.
• Resolve dual career problems with family or partner.
• Create a small business.
• Organise job sharing.
• Find part-time employment.


We offer a partnership approach. We work with you to help you develop your career management skills. Depending on your needs you will:

• Discover your unique interests, abilities and motivators.
• Identify your preferred and transferable skills.
• Update your portfolio of achievements and skills.
• Explore changing career aspirations or lifestyle considerations.
• Identify, expand and research possible career options.
• Select a job search strategy most relevant to your career goal.
• Understand employer requirements.
• Access both the advertised and the hidden job market.
• Present yourself more effectively in resumes and interviews.
• Learn to market yourself.
• Prepare a winning resume and job application.
• Develop interview skills.
• Identify what you want to learn and find the appropriate course.
• Understand the changing world of work.
• Prepare to return to work or study.
• Set out career action steps with short and long-term goals.
• Gain confidence and motivation.

We achieve this with a combination of:

• Counselling, coaching, training, support and inspiration
• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to help you understand your personality.
• Card Sorts to identify occupational work settings, career action constraints, work satisfiers, motivated skills and career values
• Worksheets, questionnaires, checklists
• Brainstorming and goal-setting
• Role-playing and scenario setting
• Researching, informational interviewing, networking, internet search.
• Telephone and email counselling after initial face to face session(s) if desired

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