We can help you bring about change. Everyone needs direction. We must know where we are going. It is no longer good enough to wander without a “plot” or to have “just a job”.

Life is better when we are active, interested and involved, using our best skills, developing our strengths, being open to possibilities, establishing goals, creating and inventing, preparing our next steps.

Whether you are seeking to change your career mid-life, just starting out, returning to the workforce, have recently completed your degree, or are facing transitions such as work change, retrenchment or retirement, or cannot decide your VCE or other study subjects…whatever your situation…we can help you work out what you want to do and how to get there.

Our services include:

 • Individual sessions.

 • Group sessions.

 • Telephone and/or email counselling for those unable to come to the Centre.

 • Career development workshops.

 • Vocational assessment testing.

 • Coaching.

 • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for individuals and people in organisations.

 • Outplacement programs.

 • Morrisby Profile.