Who comes to your service typically?

Our clients are aged from 16 to 65. Whether male or female, jobholder, self-employed, under-employed or unemployed, entrepreneur, homemaker, student or semi-retiree, they have in common is a desire to participate in life in a more meaningful way and to feel in charge of their careers.

What happens at a consultation?

We listen to you. We decide on our goals for the session. Depending on your needs and our discussion, we plan what to do. The process aims to help you assess and expand your self-awareness and opportunity-awareness. To make our session more productive and allow for reflection, you may also be asked to do some homework or research between appointments.

What fees do you charge?

The process of evaluating your career situation and options is likely to take a number of face to face visits.

You can come for individual sessions at an hourly rate or you can commit to our new Activate Your Career, comprehensive 3-session program. The package program involves a thorough career assessment. Subsequent or unplanned meetings are charged at the hourly rate. Payment for the package is made at the conclusion of the first meeting. Payment for individual meetings is made by cash or cheque at the conclusion of each meeting.

How many sessions will I need?

This is different for each person. It will be depend on the content of the session, the range of assistance required, your willingness to do independent research and homework, availability of time and your budget. Generally, people come for two sessions and will often have follow-up telephone assistance.

Do you use psychological or ability tests?

For young people we recommend the Morrisby Profile which is one of the most comprehensive and scientifically robust assessment systems in use today. The Report identifies your abilities, learning style, your personality fit and your career interests. Using all this information we then identify the twelve occupations that are the best fit for you. The report also highlights what next steps you can take to plan for your future career.

For adults, we use card sorts, personality indicators, worksheets and discussion to help clarify your preferred work skills, values, interests, occupational interests and possible barriers to success.

Are evening and Saturday appointments available?

Yes. We work around your availability.

How do you measure your success? Do you guarantee a successful outcome for me?

No one can guarantee that you will achieve your dream, but we have been helping adults to resolve career issues for more than 19 years. Clients’ feedback and the number of referrals from former clients measure our success.

What if I have to cancel?

We ask for 24 hours notice of cancellation. A fee will apply for appointments missed and not cancelled.

Do you specialise only in helping career changers?

No. We help people with all career issues whether it is preparation of a Career Action Step strategy, employer proposals, job hunt, resume updating, guidance choosing between career options, rehearsal for selection interviews, selection of further studies as a mature age student, resolving dual career issues with partners, or any other career problem or concern they may have.

I've used many internet employment sites, read many career self-help books and guides but have not found my 'ideal career' yet. How would seeing you be different?

A skilled helper - a career coach or counsellor - provides much more. He or she can facilitate your self-search for factors critical to career decision- making, guide you to relevant sources of information and, importantly, be an empathic companion along the way.

What are the significant changes in personal career planning in recent years?

There are more ideas about “personal freedom” to choose and to change. Our need and obligation to be true to our authentic self in the work we do is the current theme of career and personal life management.
One career for life is now less likely. The consensus is that a series of careers, with carefully prepared transitions between each, is more typical. Such career changes reflect the changes within ourselves as we move through life's journey.
Job applicants are also expected to be more self-motivated and have up-to-date information about their prospective employers, and understand the relevant issues within the industry or profession they are interested in.

It is not practical for me to meet you. Is there an alternative?

Yes. We can use emails and telephone to help you.

Are you an employment agency?

No. We do not arrange job interviews or make recommendations to potential employers. We also do not guarantee to find work or jobs for clients.